Where to Look for the Righ Paintball Gun Without Spending so Much?

Are you a beginner who’s looking for the right paintball gun? Do you know where and how to look for it? Are you doubting because you know that your budget is limited?

Looking for the best paintball gun does not necessarily mean spending so much, although sometimes the most expensive ones have the best feature. It also tends to last longer than the cheap ones that are why most avid paintball players settle for pricey guns.

However, if you consider a specific budget for your gun, you can still find the packages and good deals online and on different stores such as:

  • Tippmann 98 Custom – From the name itself, this store allows consumers to customize their own guns. This is ideal for beginners who are still looking for which guns to use.


  • WGP MG-7 – Their guns are usually sold at $200 but some online stores offer it at a much lower price. Despite having a low price, this gun performs on a high-level which makes it very ideal.


  • BT-4 -Their guns are if high-quality, durable and can be upgraded.


  • Spidery VS1 – These are electro-mechanical guns which are part of the Spidey Vision Series. It caters a 3-shot firing model which is powered by a CO2.


  • Smart Parts Vibe – This is electro-pneumatic, meaning this gun is lightweight and fast and is ideal for beginners.

The right guns don’t mean spending a lot as sometimes, there are hidden treasures covered in a low price. You just need to spend time looking for it until you find the right one.